188 AR Tail

On Stock

The 188AR tail wing is the biggest tail we offer in our range of tails. It offers incredible stability and bottom end, making it a good choice for learners and riders who need a bit more low end from their front wing. We suggest pairing this tail with the large fuselage and the 1130S if you are new to foiling. This is a great choice for beginner to intermediate riders for downwind foil, wing foil, surf foil or pump foil starting out in the sport. Our advanced riders have been enjoying this tail when riding bigger, faster waves when wing, tow or surf foiling. They have found they get more hold and stability when paired with the 720S front wing. However, it does not roll as well as the 175AR, so if you want more manoeuvrability, you may want to size down.



  • SPAN: 450
  • AREA: 188cm2
  • A/R: 8.5