Code Foils unique foil designs offers versatility in maneuverability and superior glide. Dedicated to relentless testing and innovation, code foils proudly deliver the world’s finest hydrofoils. Australian-owned and designed for uncompromising performance. As a dealer we are super excited and proud to have these great foils available for you to try and buy.


The Code Foils S Series Front wing is the ultimate all-around front wing. It works for beginners to advanced.


850S – Available Now
720S – Available Now
980S – Available Now
1130S High Modulus – Available Now
1300S High Modulus – Available Now
770R High Modulus – Available Now
860R High Modulus – Available Now

Code Foils AR Series Tail Wings are fast and extremely efficient with excellent glide.


150AR – Available Now
142AR – Available Now
158AR – Available Now
175AR – Available Now
188AR – Available Now

Code Foils Masts are tapered toward the bottom of the mast to increase glide and efficiency.


75cm – Available Now
85cm – Available Now

Code Foils Fuselage has a unique joining system which joins together with zero movement!


Medium – Available Now
Small – Available Now
Long – Available Now

We strongly believe you should try the foils and convince yourself how good they are. If you are in the Netherlands, just reach out so we can plan a demo session. You can reach us on